Networking & Security Patents

Opportunity to Purchase 3 Patents:


  1. Method and System for Monitoring and Analysis of Network Traffic Flows

— US 9,178,824 B2

2.  Method and System for Processing Network Traffic Flow Data

— US 9,191,325 B2

3.  Detection of Anomaly in Network Flow Data

— US 9,210,181 B1

The successful buyer of these patents and technology will garner the following benefits:

  • Generate incremental licensing revenue and profits from 3rd parties participating in this market
  • Enhance your current patent portfolio for cross-licensing purposes
  • Minimize your product development time, cost and risk with patent protection
  • Provide defensive and offensive patent protection capability

The successful buyer of these patents and / or accompanying technology will also garner the following Competitive Advantages:

  • They offer a quick market entry into Network Discovery & Traffic Flows
  • Improve efficiencies in Network Traffic Flow Data
  • Improve Network Security with Anomaly Detection

This is an excellent opportunity to obtain 3 leading US awarded patents that span multiple industry sectors.


Our client has asked us to sell their patents as listed herein and the related software solution separately or with the patents.

Non-binding offers from interested parties to acquire these patents and/or technology are expected upon review.

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