Management Consultants

Preston Willis Group Partners
PWG Partners are senior business executives who have each successfully launched start-ups and grown multi-$B businesses. With offices across North America, and through a network of worldwide affiliates, we share a passion for execution and growing both the top line and asset value of a business.
PWG uses CoreValue® Software to uncover hidden enterprise value and positively impact the business operation and valuation. Using sophisticated algorithms first developed at MIT the whole process takes about 90 minutes.
Click on this link, Transferable Enterprise Value Creation for an invitation to no charge trial of CoreValue.
Glenn Myers,
P: (416) 347-7551

Boardroom Metrics
Change Management – Make the organizational, process and cultural changes required to increase the performance of your company. Overcome resistance and get on with important decisions. Increase your company’s value. Crocker Company has worked with Owners, Managers and Boards since 1994.
Jim Crocker,
President & CEO
P: (416) 573-9396

Hugh Latif & Associates
Hugh Latif
has over 30 years experience in management consulting and general management. Since 1996, his management consulting practice has successfully completed over 150 consulting assignments. He specializes in strategic planning, sales and marketing, succession planning, international assignments, business development, advisory board governance and business turn-arounds.
Hugh Latif,
President & CEO
P: (416) 229-0520 Ext.23
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