QEJ – Advanced APM Software

A software company, code named QEJ, is now evaluating strategic alternatives for their business.

The Company:

QEJ has developed a leading Application Portfolio Management solution (“APM & APMC”) to support large scale application development and maintenance practices across mainstream technology platforms. The company’s proprietary parsing and source code analysis technology is the cornerstone of application discovery and automated code maintenance solutions.

The company’s clients include leading financial services, insurance, telecommunications and retail organizations across North America.

QEJ’s software can be deployed either in the Cloud (APMC) or on premise (APM) and with proven and predictable ROI.

QEJ is seeking a large partner who has the sales and marketing infrastructure to capitalize on the expansive opportunity to exploit this leading APM solution.

Company financial performance is very strong with high net profit and high recurring revenue from multi-year support agreements from enterprise clients. They have clients across North America with a high retention rate as a result of delivering cost effective and outstanding on-going support.

QEJ’s Solution offers Significant Differentiation:

  •             Comprehensive coverage for all mainstream platforms, technologies and languages
  •             Unique parser calibration frame-work enables tightly fit custom solutions
  •             Seamless integration with other leading APM solution providers
  •             Direct assistance for regulatory compliance requirements (PHI, PI, etc.)
  •             Loyal staff with low turnover, possess strong subject matter expertise

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