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RKG – Endpoint Security Software Company

The RKG Company

This innovative cyber security company provides endpoint protection solutions for Enterprise, SMB and Consumer clients. The Company’s flagship product delivers a simple, lightweight solution to address the evolving and complex problems associated with undetected malware attacks. RKG was founded in 2005 and is privately owned with a simple capital structure.

RKG is now actively seeking a strategic alternative for their business

The Cybersecurity Gamy has Changed

Cyberattacks have been increasing in both frequency and sophistication. The Cybersecurity solutions can be classified into two main security outcomes – detection and protection. In the past, antivirus and other anti-malware tools had been the first and last line of defense for most users. The battle between CyberSecurity providers and malware developers has been an endless cat and mouse game, in which the bad guys had always been one step ahead. But in today’s hyperconnected world and efficient dark markets for developing and distributing malware, that step is enough to cause devastating damage to both property and the reputation of affected parties

The cybersecurity market is trending towards next-generation solutions, which provide proactive protection versus the traditional reactive detection and response.
Isolation solutions provide the best protection against sophisticated and unknown malware attacks

The Core Technology Solution

The Company uses a context-based approach to security, treating each application differently, based on the context in which it is operating. Application privileges are restricted to the minimum required to carry out its intended function.

Core capabilities are based on applying application virtualization technologies to isolate web-facing applications from a Windows host, to prevent its compromise.

RKG’s solutions provide a critical layer of protection to augment detection-based solutions, are simple and lightweight to install, easy to configure, have negligible performance impact and don’t require server infrastructure.

Technology is flexible and the platform can be leveraged to develop and integrate complementary applications.

The Business Opportunity

Purpose-built solution, leveraging the Company’s core technology to provide ransomware protection for the consumer market. In summary, RKG will contribute to the revenue, growth and competitiveness of the right strategic corporate partner.
• Protection from malicious attacks, both known and unknown – including zero-day attacks
• No additional server infrastructure required
• Simple, lightweight installation
• Negligible performance impact

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