WIN – Telecom Services Support

A well established Telecom Management Services company, code named WIN, is now evaluating strategic alternatives for their business. WIN is based in the USA, with international offices servicing their clients worldwide 24/7.

The Company

WIN has developed leading methodologies for total telecom management, which are customized and implemented for their clients. They have unique and very specialized skills in: Mobility Management, cost control, Mobile Security, support desk, unified communications and Cloud consulting. They have a proven track record with large implementations and are able to provide cost effective and rapid deployment.

WIN has a marquee list of referenceable enterprise customers in many industry sectors including: Retail, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Information Technology, Telecom. In addition, WIN has many strong partnerships with large service integrators and technology vendors. Furthermore, the WIN team has significant expertise in applying leading Telecom Management services to solve business problems.

WIN is now seeking a partner who has the sales and marketing infrastructure to capitalize on their unique skills to grow the business further

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