NTC – Intelligent Network Performance and Security Analytics Technology

“NTC”, a provider of Intelligent Network Performance and Security Analytics Technology, is now seeking synergistic Partnerships.

The Company:

This dynamic company has built a brand recognized for innovative solutions that help to improve the performance and security of IT networks. They have developed technology for network and topology discovery, traffic analytics and security monitoring using anomaly detection and machine learning. They provide a single source for their clients for technology, OEM and custom solutions. NTC also provides consulting services for large mission critical government and security agencies.

NTC presently have satisfied clients in various verticals and through their OEM relationship their products are approved for deployment on the largest global networks including the banking/financial sector and US Federal Government including many US Intelligence Agencies.

The team has over 20 patents issued with more than 50 technical publications in international conferences and workshops. They have a tremendous amount of experience in designing and building scalable, robust products with a customer-centric focus. In addition, they have contributed to the IETF standards, defining Internet protocols and architectures.

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