VWO – Cloud Security

Security and Identity Management Software Company

Our client, code named VWO,is seeking partners to exploit significant technology in the area of Cloud Security. This will:

• Generate an appreciable annuity revenue stream plus associated services and operational earnings for partners wishing to add Identity as a Service to their portfolios.
• Improve the identity infrastructure and customer experience for Cloud and Managed Service Providers offering cloud based applications.
• Provide Integrators or Enterprises building private clouds a robust and secure identity infrastructure.

The growing adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing, and the requirement for people to collaborate across corporate and even governmental boundaries, is fraught with security problems. Supporting these activities requires an Identity, Governance and Administration infrastructure that provides effective, distributed control over identities and what those identities can do.

VWO has developed a platform and an associated business model to deliver this.

The Cloud market is evolving and growing rapidly and the successful exploitation of VWO’s capability will provide the partner(s) with a substantial business stream.

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