HBT – Corporate Performance Mgmt Software

A software company, code named HBT, in corporate performance management software, is seeking strategic alternatives for their business.

The Company:

This innovative company has built a software application for the CPM market (also referred to as the EPM market) specifically aimed at helping organizations plan and monitor strategy in today’s complex, fast changing business environment. It complements the best practices (including KPI’s) endorsed by leading experts to transform the way an organization sets targets, assigns budgets and manages performance.

HBT software is the 3rd generation approach to the fast-growing need for a performance management application. It is designed specifically to help organizations manage and monitor the execution of strategy initiatives and best practises.

HBT is now actively seeking strategic alternatives with synergistic technology companies worldwide.

The Global Corporate Performance Management Marketplace

The global enterprise performance management market was valued at $4.7B in 2016, and is projected to reach $12.6B by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 11.70% from 2018 to 2025 (ref: Allied Market Research).

CPM or EPM solutions define the following software applications to support CPM execution:

▪           Financial and Management Reporting and Disclosure

▪           Budgeting

▪           Profitability Modelling and Optimization (PM&O)

▪           Strategy Management, comprised of applications for: Strategic Planning

Forecasting Analysis, Monitoring and Assessment of strategy execution Action Management

The Core Technology Solution:

HBT is a software company that has managed to develop meaningful and practical technology for the complex world of CPM. They have utilized their in-depth sector knowledge installing 1st and 2nd generation systems in major corporations worldwide, to evolve this leading software solution.

First generation systems were developed in the early 80’s, and are now over 30 years old. During the 90’s, a second generation of systems was built, but soon companies will require technology for which the architecture of the 1st and 2nd generation will be totally out-of-date and insufficient.

CPM today has come to stage, where accounting systems were 15 years ago, when they transformed from accounting to ERP.

HBT software has all the potential to become a major worldwide software player.

The Business Opportunity:

The opportunity to form a technology/business relationship to gain access to novel, proven and competitive technologies that could be integrated into your existing product suites or white-labeled for quick marketing and increasing revenues. Successful software generates project development and consultancy revenue to install the system, adapting it to the specific requirement of the user.

Increase top-line by licensing HBT’s products and technology expertise:

▪           Access to company’s top management and executive thought leadership in CPM Sector

▪           Products designed for flexibility of deployment

▪           Broaden your existing product portfolio with a modern CPM Solution

▪           Mitigate the cost and risk of developing a new product to address this growing lucrative market

▪           Gain access to hard-to-develop proprietary & advanced technology

▪           Generate an appreciable annual revenue stream plus associated services and operational earnings for partners

In summary, HBT will contribute to the revenue, growth and competitiveness of the right strategic corporate partner.

Your relationship with HBT will enable the immediate deployment of this leading CPM SAAS offering. This will provide fast access to substantial revenue streams in this rapidly expanding market. Commercial arrangements are flexible and can be tailored to meet with your business and pricing models.

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