LIB – Leading Cyber Risk Analytics Company

LIB is a leading technology pioneer in the Cyber Risk Analytics domain. LIB provides a customer proven cyber risk scoring solution to quantify the cyber risks of businesses worldwide, for various business applications in a rapidly growing market. LIB is now actively seeking a synergistic buyer for the company.

The LIB Company
This award winning innovative company has built an advanced predictive analytics turnkey solution to assess the cyber risks of companies worldwide, with a strong focus on small and medium-sized organizations. This non-intrusive, machine learning based technology, enables users to understand and quantify the cyber risk posture of business entities worldwide without human interference, and benchmark the risk to the industry peers as well as calculate the potential financial impacts of cyber attacks on such companies.

The software is designed specifically to help corporations evaluate their cyber risk in real time and on demand, and monitor their exposure to cyber risk. There is a rapidly growing global demand for cyber risk scoring and related advanced analytics which entails a huge opportunity for companies in different fields, who are interested in adding cyber scoring technology to their set of solutions.
The Global Cyber Security Risk Scoring Opportunity
Gartner predicts that by 2022, cybersecurity ratings will become as important as credit ratings when assessing the risk of existing and new business relationships. Some of the use cases include cyber-insurance underwriting and catastrophe modeling, third-party vendor risk management, M&A Due Diligence processes, business-loans underwriting, merchant compliance assessment, and fraud prevention.
The Core Technology Solution
LIB is a software company that has managed to develop a meaningful and practical technology for the complex world of Business Cyber Risk predictive analytics. The technology is based on over 3 years of intensive R&D efforts by top-minds in the analytics and cyber risk industries. Some technical highlights:

• The technology converts raw data collected in real-time from hundreds of sources into simple-to-understand risk scorings which reflect the business risk of suffering damage due to a cyber-attack using proprietary advanced ML algorithms and data-sets.
• LIB has enabled advanced data augmentation and analytics solution for aggregated risk management on large sets of companies in a multi-geographical environment to assess cyber risk at scale.
• LIB provides an underwriting solution, enabling underwriters to make data-driven decisions about commercial customers in real-time, with no effort, by utilizing a data simplification technology.
• LIB’s platform has been tailored specifically for small and midsize organizations, with up to $500M in yearly revenue, but also for corporates.
• LIB’s platform automatically finds a correlation between historical damages and companies of interest with no effort by the user.
• LIB’s platform addresses the need to assess the cyber risk of a business in a frictionless, cost effective manner.

Use cases for the technology include:

Cyber Insurance – cyber insurance market is set to reach $25B US in annual premiums by 2025. One of the main gaps is the data and analytics used for the underwriting of cyber policies. Policies must be underwritten in data-driven, a friction less manner which enables the profitability of the business line. LIB’s technology enables insurance companies, reinsurance companies and other players in this industry to underwrite, engage with customers, and manage the aggregated book portfolio.
MSSP – Managed Security Services Providers can embed LIB’s technology into their services in order to enable customers to conduct an agile, on demand assessment of their cyber risk levels. In addition, MSSP’s customers will be able to quantify ROI on their engagement with the MSSP by understanding estimated damages to be caused to their business.
Reduction of fraud damages to banks and credit card companies – Banks and credit card companies suffer from damages estimated in the billions from cyber related frauds. This can and will be mitigated using LIB’s analytics engine which presents the risks to business owners, in a simple and actionable manner, and recommends mitigation actions based on the report findings.
M&A deals and PE portfolio management – cyber risk monitoring is a key part of the investment portfolio management process and understanding the cyber risk posture of companies, is key.
SMB Cyber Security – Enable business owners to mitigate cyber damages and financial damages that are caused by cyber breaches to the business.
Vendor Risk Management – supply chain risks are a key concern to corporations worldwide and the capacity to assess the risks of SMB’s is key as much as that of the larger vendors.
Government/State cyber exposure analysis at scale – Analysis of a cyber risk of a nation state and exposure of different sectors in scale to provide governments with exposure reports. LIB’s solutions have been designed to serve non-cyber security experts. It is simple to understand and use and requires only very basic data from the user about the entity monitored. The solution also provides an estimation of the projected financial damages that a company may suffer from a breach. LIB’s unprecedented accuracy in estimation supports decision-makers when purchasing cybersecurity solutions for protection and their business’s associated ROI.
The Business Opportunity
This is an opportunity to gain access to a novel, field-proven, and competitive Cyber Risk Analytics technology that could be integrated into or added to your existing product line. LIB generates revenue from licensing and professional services associated with the product.

Increase your top-line from exploiting the LIB technology & expertise via:
• Access to the company’s top management and executive thought leadership in the Cyber Risk Sector.
• Access to a strategic partnership with the world’s leading Financial Services company to supply cyber risk scoring to millions of businesses.
• Access to existing clients including fortune 500 companies and Lloyd’s of London syndicates with multiyear contracts which are expected to grow.
• A cost-effective SAAS implementation which is frictionless to deploy and generates high multiples.
• Broaden your existing product portfolio with a modern Cyber Business Risk Solution.
• Mitigate the cost and risk of developing a new product to address this growing lucrative market.
• Access large sets of unique data related to financial cyber risk.
• Gain access to hard to develop proprietary & advanced technology.
• Generate an appreciable annual recurring revenue stream to improve your bottom line.

LIB’s software has all the potential to become a major worldwide software player in this market:

• LIB has developed cloud-based on-demand cyber profiling technology that enables underwriters to make evidence-based decisions about the type of cyber coverage they offer in cyber insurance.
• SMB’s don’t typically have the resources to pay for on-site cyber threat analysis. LIB’s solution eliminates this problem.
• LIB’s platform creates a cyber-risk report for a prospective client of banking or insurance companies and benchmarks the prospective customer’s cyber risk, on-demand and in real-time. This enables customer engagement with clients as well as providing them with added value services.
• LIB’s platform estimates potential financial impact ages from a breach, so that the company knows how much insurance coverage to purchase.
• In summary, LIB will contribute to the revenue, growth, and competitiveness of the right strategic corporate acquirer.
Take Action Now
Your ownership of LIB will enable the immediate deployment of this leading Cyber Risk Analytics technology for cross selling and up selling of your existing business line. This will provide fast access to substantial revenue streams in this rapidly expanding market of cyber risk scoring. Commercial arrangements are flexible and can be tailored to meet with your business and pricing models.

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