SFP – In-Car Public Safety Computer System

The Technology for Sale

This innovative company has built the leading Public Safety In-Car Computer Solution, combining a very rugged high-performance Computer, with market’s best 12.1” or 15” inch display, and a unique rigid mounting solution with an adjustable keyboard mount.

All of the Intellectual Property (IP), including:

A) All designs and drawings for all of the components of the 15” and 12.1” enclosure assemblies and mounting solution components, including 3D models (.stp files), 2D drawings of all parts and assemblies, all hardware specified, and vendor of record listed.

B) All design files for PCBs, including all Altium design files, drawings and 3D models, Gerber files and all other manufacturing files, Bills of Material, with all electronic components listed and identified by manufacturer, part number and quantity.

C) All assembly and sub-assembly Bills of Material, with source part number and quantity listed

D) Specifications and drawings on all labeling, and other applied nomenclature, including artwork and manufacturer

1. In addition as part of the Client Goodwill:The current Opportunities list of sales to existing and potential customers for this product. The total of the sales potential in these opportunities is $3.8+ million USD though 2020. The list includes the quantity, itemized description and value of each sales opportunity, estimate close date, the Purchasing Entity, sales contact, and complete contact information

2. Current prospects list of nearly 5000 contacts

3. A video demonstration of the technology is also available.

4. Current, comprehensive inventory of key components on hand included in the sale.

5. Client goodwill is strong with many repeat customers

A complete turnkey training and turnover program is also available.

SFP is now seeking a synergistic buyer for these assets.

The North American In-Car Public Safety Computer Market represents a huge & profitable Opportunity. In the United States alone, recent estimates put the number of Police vehicles at over 500,000, Fire Fighting apparatus vehicles at over 150,000 and EMS (ambulances) at over 78,000. These numbers are for only Municipal, County and State run departments. So, for this group, the Total US Market Size for In-Car Computers is over 728,000.

Public Safety departments typically replace their in-vehicle computers every four to five years. If we use a five year replacement cycle, then 145,600 in-car computers will be purchased in the US every year.

The average price of the SFP system sold is $4500, including generally purchased communication and other options, and mounting hardware. Therefore, the market potential for the In-Car Computers in the USA, for this demographic, is approximately $655 million USD per year. If we include US Federal departments (Border Patrol, FBI, ICE, etc.) then the total US market potential is likely to be well over $1 billion. Total Canadian Public Safety department’s personnel is approximately 10% of the size of the US, so could represent an additional $100 million in market potential.

The SFP Competitive Advantage

Most suppliers are offshore companies and include Panasonic (Japan) and Getac (Taiwan). 
A competitive comparison is available for interested buyers.

SFP competitive advantages are: 
– A lower price point 
– A lower total cost of ownership 
– Largest screen size available (15 inches) 
– Local support in USA 
– Built with the latest technology available, and is extremely rugged and reliable 
– features the most I/O capabilities 
– Options include an embedded Li-Ion battery that will power the computer for 3+ hours, and a rugged, water resistant backlit keyboard 
– Superior reliability with extremely low returned for service rate 
In summary this is a “Best of Breed” In-Car Public Safety Computer Solution, and it’s built in USA.

The Acquisition Opportunity

The successful buyer will gain the following benefits: 
– Increase top-line revenue from SFP’s technology 
– Access to company’s engineering and thought leadership during turnover 
– In-Car Public Safety Products designed for flexibility of deployment 
– Broaden your existing product portfolio with a current In-Car Solution 
– Mitigate the cost and risk of developing a new product to address this growing lucrative In-Car Computer market 
– Acquire this hard-to-develop proprietary & advanced technology 
– Add a very saleable Public Safety solution for your channel partners 
– Increase your Bottom Line profitability from leading SFP’s technology 
– A strong entry point into the total Public Safety Automation Market including Police, EMS, Fire, etc.

SFP will contribute to the revenue, growth and competitiveness of the right strategic buyer. Your ownership of SFP will enable the immediate deployment of this advanced In-Car Public Safety offering. This will provide you will immediate access to substantial revenue streams in this rapidly expanding market.

Time is of the essence for this this asset sale. We suggest you to move quickly as we expect strong market interest in this opportunity. Terms are flexible and to be negotiated.

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